Grow. Adapt. Thrive.

Management Consulting

Helping You Thrive

Thomas Consulting Group, LLC is a management consulting firm dedicated to enhancing how you serve your clients. We provide organizations with the tools needed to improve service delivery by focusing on three primary areas: leadership development, change management, & process improvement

Our goal is to help those who serve others.

How we can help you thrive?


Thomas Consulting Group, LLC, was founded on the premise that we can do well while doing good. Our mission is to provide high-quality, best-in-class services and solutions to help organizations better serve their clients. Helping organizations grow, adapt, and thrive by solving problems together.


We appreciate that each organization we serve is unique, just like your clients, so we tailor our core services and solutions to meet your individual needs. Our core services include:

Leadership Development

  • Staff leadership skills development
  • Executive coaching
  • Training & facilitation

Change Management

  • Plan 
  • Implement
  • Sustain

Process Improvement

  • Analysis & evaluation
  • Solution development & implementation
  • Customer experience optimization
  • Organizational development


Our goal is to help those who serve others. That's why we focus on nonprofits, community-based organizations, social service agencies, political campaigns, and small-to medium- sized businesses that provide direct services to the community. We believe in streamlining processes so that our clients can focus on the people they serve, rather than the processes they have to follow. We work with you to identify areas of strength and opportunities for improvement in your organization so that you can better use your resources to serve your clients. Together we target specific areas for change and provide objective assessments and tailored solutions.

We provide:

  • Assessment
  • Process documentation
  • Solution design
  • Solution implementation

Whether a community based organization looking to enhance service delivery to customers by increasing efficiency within their process, a nonprofit conducting a needs assessment, or a small enterprise dealing with the growing pains of an expanding business, we can help you navigate the way forward.